Israel blocks tonnes of goods entering Gaza Strip
تاريخ النشر: الخميس 23/11/2017 21:11
Israel blocks tonnes of goods entering Gaza Strip
Israel blocks tonnes of goods entering Gaza Strip

The Israeli occupation authorities confiscated large quantities of commercial goods which were heading for the besieged Gaza Strip through the Karam Abu Salem crossing, claiming that they contained tonnes of materials used in the manufacture of explosives.

Israel’s Channel 7 yesterday reported the materials were discovered in the newly established chemical laboratory at the crossing.

"This laboratory foiled, for the first time, the smuggling of several tonnes of explosives on its way to Hamas in the Gaza Strip to manufacture explosives and weapons," the Israeli channel quoted a spokesman for the Israeli army as saying.

Israeli occupation forces have recently began examining goods entering the Gaza Strip in the new chemical laboratory at the Karam Abu Salem.

One of the main tasks of the laboratory is to identify the problematic materials that are prohibited from entering the Gaza Strip by a decision of the Israeli occupation authorities for fear of their use by the Palestinian resistance forces.

"In the laboratory, a wide range of substances, gases, liquids, powders, metals, solids and other materials are being examined in the laboratory before entering the Gaza Strip," the Hebrew channel said.

It is noteworthy that the occupation authorities prevent the entry of 500 types of commercial and industrial goods to the Gaza Strip, claiming that they have dual use.

The Gaza Strip has been under a tight Israeli siege for 11 years, following the victory of Hamas in the second legislative elections

Source: Quds Press International News Agency
Translated by: Middle East Monitor
In collaboration with the Palestinian Media Forum

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